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Panel about art from trash

Diverted Distruction 6 Workshop

Joseph Umali Fernandez' Recyclasaurus

Juried Exhibition 1st prize: Sommer Roman's Rugosa

See it at the Porch Gallery, 310 Matilija St.

Joshua Short's cardboard sculpture

Sol Haus Design consultation & book raffle

November 7-10, 2013
Next to the Porch Gallery, 310 Matilija St.

Win a chance to get a free consultation from Sol Haus Design so you can have your own tiny house. BONUS: A 68 page photo book that documents the construction process of Vina's Tiny House. Lots of information on building methods and material specification during every phase of construction.

Vina's Tiny House is a self-designed and self-built home with help from other local craftsmen. It reflects her core values of living simply and lightly on this Earth. For her, it is a way to show others the joys and freedom that comes with living small.

MOB Shop Linus Mixte 3 Bike Raffle

November 7-10, 2013
The MOB Shop, 110 W Ojai Ave.

Buy one or more raffle tickets at the MOB Shop or Porch gallery for a suggested donation of $5 to win this amazing Linus Mixte 3 Bike graciously donated by The Mob Shop!

Jessamyn Fiore to christen Garbage Tower

November 7, 2013, 9:30pm - ish
The MOB Shop, 110 W Ojai Ave.

Walk over to The Mob Shop to witness the ceremonial pouring of Jose Cuervo tequila over the Gordon Matta-Clark inspired Garbage Tower by Jessamyn Fiore, co-director of the Gordon Matta-Clark estate.

Sea Stars

November 9, 2013, 8pm
Porch Gallery, 310 Matilija St, Ojai

Sea Stars will be bringing their soulful lullabies and harmonic magic to the Arts Festival on Saturday November 9th. Gather at the Porch Gallery at 8pm to enjoy excellent food, art and wine in an atmosphere of Sea Stars!

Jolly Oyster Kitchen

November 9, 2013, 5pm
Porch Gallery, 310 Matilija St, Ojai

Our friends from the Jolly Oyster will park their food truck right next to the Porch Gallery for our opening party! We're in for a very special treat, their oysters and menu are soooooo tasty - including: Oyster tacos, Oyster Po Boys, Oyster bisque, Clam chowder, Stone crab claw spring rolls (Vietnamese style) and Scallop fried rice.


The MOB Shop's Greg Prinz Builds Ojai's Garbage Tower

Olsberg Steiner Awards
November 10, 2013, 11am
Ojai Art Center, 113 S. Montgomery St.

In addition to the 3 Ojai Art Festival juried awards (First place: $1500, Second place: $800, Third place: $500), we would like to announce 2 additional awards:

Olsberg Steiner awards: The quality of submissions was so high that the juror felt special $250 awards should be made to two additional outstanding submissions, which Ojai residents Christine Steiner and Nicholas Olsberg have generously supported.

The awards will be presented on Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 11:00 am at the awards ceremony with the Ojai Film Festival at the Ojai Art Center, 113 S. Montgomery Street.

Aaron Gardner & Ojai Youth Poetry
November 9, 2013, 6pm
Porch Gallery, 310 Matilija St, Ojai

Ojai youth interpreting the theme of DISCARTED through spoken word at the Ojai Art Festival opening party. Hosted by Aaron Gardner.

Aaron Gardner is a poet, educator, and father of two phenomenal children. He has been heavily involved in the spoken word scene since 1999, and was the Oakland Grand Slam Champion in 2010. Aaron continues his work locally with young poets to help them discover their voices and the power contained therein.

Barbie Redux workshop at OVA Arts

November 9 - 10, 2013
OVA Arts, 108 Signal Street, Ojai

Mass produced, over perfectified, glamorized fashionistas destined for goodwill, thrift shops and dumpsters can be given new life! Learn how to “up-cycle”, alter and embellish Barbie into an interesting, fun, whimsical, and or thought provoking work of art.

It is with malicious joy that many a child has taken scissors to Barbie’s golden mane. That would be just the beginning in the Barbie Redux workshop! The plastic pop culture icon can be re-constructed and held up to a higher standard of representation. As a work of art she may reflect societal issues about the roles that women play, related to gender, beauty, sexual objectification and feminine idealism. Or, she may become a whimsical or surreal creature leaving commercial symbolism behind in favor of a unique, one of a kind, work of art not to be destined for a landfill.

Instructor, Patricia Anders started altering Barbies in 2009 and continues to give new life and meaning to the mass produced object. Her altered dolls have been exhibited and published many times. Having altered nearly a hundred Barbies, she brings a wealth of experience to “playing dolls”.

The Barbie Redux workshop will be held on Nov 9th and Nov 10th in conjunction with the Ojai Art Festival. Class fee $40.00 for one day, 10:30am to 4:00pm with a break for lunch. To signup, call (805) 646-5682 or go in person to the gallery at 108 Signal St. Click here for some examples of Barbies Patricia has done.

Wendy Elliott - Ojai Mind Body Spirit

"Treasures from Trash" at Human Arts Gallery

November 7 - 24, 2013
Human Arts Gallery, 246 E Ojai Ave
Opening reception Thursday Nov. 7 to coincide with the Ojai Art Festival opening hours, through Nov. 24th. It will be showcased in the 2 front windows, and there will be signs throughout the gallery highlighting the featured artists. Guests will be greeted with some refreshments.

We will feature 16 artists making art, functional objects, and jewelry out of a variety of found objects, scrap, and odd bits of trash.

More information on this event at www.humanartsgallery.com.

Chris Sewell - Ojai Rancho Inn

Jessamyn Fiore on Gordon Matta-Clark at UC Santa Barbara

November 7, 2013
2:30 - 6:00
A special film screening at the Pollock Theatre with introductory lecture by Jessamyn Fiore: Gordon Matta-Clark

In her presentation, curator and writer Jessamyn Fiore, will provide a rich foreground to the filmic works of Gordon Matta-Clark, understood within the context of the artistic community that surrounded his relational practices in the early 1970's. Preceding Fiore's 5pm lecture at the Pollock Theatre, a public conversation about the Matta-Clark archives and his artistic genetics and processes will take place with Jessamyn Fiore and Nicholas Olsberg, independent curator and advisor to the Matta-Clark Estate at the McCune Conference Center at the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center from 2:30-4pm. Tell me more ››

Juri Koll on the Ojai Art Festival, the panel and Joseph Umali Fernandez

Nicholas Olsberg on Gordon Matta-Clark, Art from trash, Enrico Natali and Ojai

Wanda Weller Sakai - Modern Folk Living

Hallie Katz - Human Arts Gallery

Holly Thrasher - Kingston's Candy Company

Kelly Pasco - The MOB Shop

Greg Prinz - The MOB Shop

Khaled Al-Awar - Primavera Gallery

Alicia Morris Soto - Artist and healer

Vina Lustado - Architect, Tiny House

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